An oasis in the middle of nature

We decided to make an original wilderness accommodation that is close to nature. Our main ideas are:

Back-to-nature lifestyle and love for the wilderness.  

Completed 1.3.2021


Our friendly staff will make you feel at home. 

Come and enjoy a perfect experience in nature

Luppokumpu offers many opportunities, for example, guided forest and fishing trips as additional services.

Great living areas


Private contemporary kitchen

COOK your own treats for your party for example from the TROUT you can caught yourself from the KAPSAJOKI RIVER. The kitchen is fully equipped. 


Riverside sauna with amazing lights

ENJOY life

A great sauna that has been inspired by the brilliance of the starry sky. A shower in the bathroom. 

Sleeping areas


New and stylish sleeping areas. Beds for 8 people. One bedroom with 120cm bed, two sleeping alcoves with 120cm madrtresses, and sofa bed.  

Our special feature is our location - both far away in the clean wilderness and still close to the centres. Closest neighbours are located almost 10km away, and Kittilä is 45km away by road. Yet the journey to the Levi slopes takes under 30 minutes by snowmobile

We can also arrange transportation for you from Kittilä airport, if you so wish.

Additional services on reguest

in pricelist for additional services section

Depending on the season, we can offer varous additional services. Some of them can be provided year-round.

You can rent our hut (Kota) Loukinen for your own evening gatherings. You can cook either in the fireplace or in the kitchenette of the hut. We can also arrange different meals from local products for you as additional services ( see the menu suggestions).

If you so wish, we heat up in the same space either smoke sauna or contnuosly heated sauna for additional fee. 

Nothing beats smoke sauna and ice swimming.

There is sturdy raft in our use. It can be utilised to organise trips to the river.

In summer, when we are not using our raft, it works as a dock in front of our hut Loukinen.

The raft has swim ladder to the water. the water of the river flows slowly at the swimming area, and so it is safe to swim with normal swimming skills.

The depth of the water at the swim ladder is 1,5 - 3 meters, depending on the state of the river.

In winter, at the front of Loukinen hut's dock, a hole is kept in the ice for ice swimming. You can get to the water from the smoke sauna all year round.

It is easy to move freely and independently in nature - all you need to do is open the cabin door and you are in the wilderness.

With good luck, different guests from Lapland's diverse fauna might appear on the yard, we are in the wild, after all.

In the summer, you can use a boat and make independent trips to the river. We can give you tips and maps so you can get to know the environment more easily. We can also rent different gear for the same purpose.

For companies we can design different packages based on your wishes, please ask for more information.

Contact information

Pollovasan metsätie 830

99240 Kuivasalmi

Kittilä, Suomi

Harri Järvinen

puh. +35840 047 8819