Additional paid services in summer

In summer, Lapland's nature is full of possibilities. The nights are light and warm. We organize different summery trips to the nearby nature. What would it feel like to have a fishing trip to a small stream to catch river trout and stay overnight outdoors.

A day on the river excursion. There is a sturdy motorised 8x4m raft in our use, and on it there is terrace furniture and a barbeque. You can fish, swim or simply have a good time on the raft. We can also take along Sisu, the most domesticated reindeer in Lapland, who is an experienced user of our raft. (The duration of the trip depends on on our arrangement.) The river is exceptionally beautiful early in the spring and at the time of autumn colours.

A guided trip to the best cloudberry habitats in the nearby area. At the end of the day, you can have a sauna with pancakes, cloudberries an ice cream in our hut.

A canoe trip to the Kapsajoki river and a smoke sauna at the end  of the trip. We can paddle 22km downstream from Lintula to the lower reach of the river, and the trip ends to our Luppokumpu accommodation. On our way, we can stop to eat  in a sand cove of the Kapsajoki river, where we can cook fish or meat over a campfire and have campfire coffee. The day can be finished with a smoke sauna, where you can truly relax at the end of the day.

A July trip to the river trout stream is a great experience.

A hovercraft excursion to the river. We make scenery viewing and fishing trips to the river when the conditions allow it. This is possible mainly from mud season to mud season, before the snow arrives. The hovercraft can accommodate 4-6 passengers and the pilot. We can also use it to transport you to or from Levi.