Experience the fantastic spring of Lapland

Lapland's spring comes quickly. The rives open up, leaves appear on the trees, globeflowers burst into bloom and migratory birds arrive. The spring flood on the river shows the true force of nature, and it is a fascinating thing to watch.

Additional paid services in spring

We organize various trips to the vernal nature according to its growth

In spring and early summer, we go to pick mushrooms and collect all the delicious false morels that we can find. After the trip, we prepare the mushrooms and make a meal out of them.

After the departure of the ice, it is nice to explore the riverside and see the traces of winter. You can stop at a snowless spot, enjoy the rays of the spring sun, and cook sausages over a campfire by the riverbank.

Remu and Pike wondering at the water level - it wasn't there yesterday

When the waters open up, the fish are easily caught...

...and taste wonderful when smoked in our hut.

After spending the day outdoors in the fresh air, a sauna will be perfect. Whether you want to take a smoke sauna or a continuously heated sauna, you must first birch leaves in the sauna. We will show you how to make a sauna whisk and, if you so wish, heat up sauna for you.

These are just some examples of the different activities that you can do in the spring. All seasons of the year have many more opportunities that we could not fit into these pages. If you have your own wish, please let us know it - if it is possible to execute, we will make it happen.