Autumn is a time of harvest celebration

As additional paid service, we organize different excursions to the nearby nature. Moving around in an autumnal forest with all its scents ans colours is a truly memorable experience.

It is an uplifting experience to wander in autumnal nature. With good luck you will return to your lodging satisfied with a bucked full of mushrooms or the other treats as a reward for your hard day's work.

It is also possible to spend the night in the forest.

Our crayfish parties of the north, which we organise during august and September, have been commended. Our own trusted crayfisherman delivers the crayfish to us  from the clean waters of lake Päijänne.

We organise guided mushroom picking trips to the surrounding woods. We help you identify different mushroom species and prepare them. If you want, we can cook different mushroom treats with you.

In late autumn, reindeer round-ups are held in several places. We organise visits to reindeer farms. You can also buy reindeer meat through us. 

We organise guided small game hunting trips to state lands. These state-owned areas are located right next to our lands, and in Kittilä, there are more than 260 000 hectares of hunting areas rich in wild game. Especially the game bird population has been rather good in the area in recent years.

It is possible to spend the night outdoors and cook delicious meals with game over a campfire.

In autumn, the fish are easy to catch. An exotic trip to a stream to catch river trout is an amazing experience during July and August.

These are just some examples of the different activities that you can do in the spring. All seasons of the year have many more opportunities that we could not fit into these pages. If you have your own wish, please let us know it - if it is possible to execute, we will make it happen.